Wiesbaden Warrior Battalion hosts 9/11 ceremony

Written by Cadet MAJ Keyrstyn Drake and Cadet 1LT Anjelica Parker 

On September 11th, 2001, the United States of America was attacked by the terrorist group, Al-Qaeda. The attackers hijacked four commercial airliners, three of which crashed into their intended targets. A few fearless passengers regained control of one the aircraft briefly before ultimately crashing the plane in the fields of Pennsylvania, saving many lives at the attacker’s intentional mark. Around 3,000 lives were lost in the attacks, 415 of those lives were first responders.

The Wiesbaden High School Warrior Battalion organized a ceremony to honor those selfless individuals who risked their lives. The ceremony began with the Color Guard, consisting of Nathaniel Griffis and Jacob Barnes on rifles, Cadet Josephine Hurt held the American Flag, Cadet Delaney Hodges carried the German Flag, Warrior Battalion Colors were held by Dean Tevebaugh and lastly Angel Contreras carried US Army Garrison Wiesbaden Fire Department Flag. 

The Warrior Battalion was honored to host several guest speakers, including, the High School principal, Dr. Heather Ramaglia, the 102d Signal Battalion Commander, LTC Crystal Ernst, and the Director of Emergency Services, LTC Jon Jackson. 

Dr. Ramaglia commented, “United we are stronger, together we protect each other.” She spoke of the unity and patriotism that the attacks caused. Dr. Ramaglia expressed how in times of despair, harmony holds us together. 

“We have to honor those who choose to run into the depths of danger on behalf of others” LTC Ernst, mentioned the respect and admiration she had for the brave Americans who assisted those in trouble on 9/11.

The Director of Emergency Services, LTC Jackson attended the event saying, “The military police corps regiment’s motto is; assist, protect, and defend. So regardless of the risk at hand, regardless of the potential loss of life, regardless of the possibility of leaving a permanent empty place at the dinner table across all of our families, when you call, we will be there.” He spoke of the bravery and dedication emergency service members have to people in need. He also challenged the cadets to try to connect with Military Police or other Emergency service members and to build a relationship with them.

The event concluded with Cadet LTC Kasey Jacobs asking for a moment of silence and the retiring of the Colors. Then the first battalion picture of the school year was taken marking a great start for the Warrior Battalion.