Wiesbaden High School Warrior Battalion hosts their annual Military Ball

Written by: Cadet CPT Lennon Spakousky

WIESBADEN, GERMANY — It is tradition in the American Armed Forces to celebrate those who serve through the Military Ball. This is an annual event in which civilians can glimpse into the life of those who serve our country. The Warrior Battalion wants to emulate this tradition which is why we celebrate our military ball once a year; however, this year’s ball was especially significant for a number of reasons.

This year’s cadets gathered at the Jagdschloss Platte in Wiesbaden March 5th, The Warrior Battalion’s first venture from base for a Military Ball. The night saw around 120 out of 135 cadets responding to the battalion wide invitation with many bringing plus ones. Cadets were not the only ones in attendance. Honored guests of the Wiesbaden School District staff were also invited, including Dr. Ramaglia, Wiesbaden High School Principal.

What turned this into a special night however was the well-executed plan completed by Warrior Battalion Staff. This year’s Military Ball is our first to be held off base which proved to be a major benefit as the venue was a perfect setting for a ball and a much better option to the school common room. This year’s location was a particularly beautiful 19th century building with an entirely glass roof.

Warrior Battalion Posting the colors, cadets (from left to right) are Camila McGill, Issac Nichols, David Matz, Rheese Sexton, and Alex Varela with color Sergeant, cadet Nathaniel Griffis standing behind. Also present on the right are JROTC choir members cadets Jacob Barnes and Kayla Pham singing the national anthem. (Photo Credit: C/CPT Lennon Spakousky)

The night’s festivities saw all of the hallmarks for a traditional military ball. Occasions of the night include a receiving line, social hour, speeches, dancing, and a Color Guard. The night’s color guard members were Cadets Nathaniel Griffis and David Matz along with 8th graders Camilia McGill, Alexander Varela, Rheese Sexton, and Issac Nichols. This Military ball also saw the first outing of a middle-schooler comprised color guard. The posting of the colors was accompanied by the singing of the German and American National Anthems by cadets Jacob Barnes and Kayla Pham.

The formal portion of the night concluded with a series of toasts in traditional Military Ball spirit. Cadets and guests were then allowed to move down to the ballroom floor for dancing and music. The Ball turned into a night of fun as cadets and staff let loose to enjoy the time. The last staple of the Military ball was not forgotten as attendees engaged in waltzing throughout the night and allowing guests to dance with their plus one.

A Military Ball serves to build comradery and bring all guests closer together through celebration and ceremony. This year’s Warrior Battalion Military Ball was no different as staff worked particularly hard to create the best experience for everyone. However we must always strive for continuous improvement and hope that next year will be even better. Warriors lead the way!

Top Photo Caption: Cadets and guests mingling during the social hour on the top floor of the Jagdschloss Platte (Photo Credit: C/CPT Lennon Spakousky)

Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Jon Ring giving a speech to all cadets present with Warrior Battalion XO, cadet Keyrstyn Drake standing and listening on the right. (Photo Credit: C/CPT Lennon Spakousky)

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