West Henderson High School Army JROTC Partners with the Veteran’s Healing Farm

Authored by: C/MAJ Monica Fuentes  
Photos by: C/MAJ Monica Fuentes 

As part of their Service Learning Project, the Cadets of West Henderson High School Army JROTC Falcon Battalion in NC assisted the Veteran’s Healing Farm in preparing for the upcoming planting season. The Cadets organized the tool and seed sheds and conducted a general clean-up of the farm.

“The Cadets accomplished in 4 hours what it would have taken us weeks to do.”

Megan Landreth, Farm Administrator

“We love giving back to our community, especially our veteran’s.”

C/MAJ Monica Fuentes 

The mission of the Veteran’s Healing Farm is to enhance the mental, emotional, and physical well-being of our nation’s Veterans and their families. They accomplish this through the creation of a safe, peaceful environment that fosters healing and camaraderie. Farm programming focuses on mental health and includes agri-therapy (organic farming, beekeeping, medicinal herbs) as well as a variety of other therapies / therapeutic activities, workshops, and live events. Everything we grow is given back to our Veteran community and other local organizations in need.