Waimea High School JROTC Supports the 100th Infantry Battalion Commemoration

Story by: c/CPT Clarenz Ringor

On September 25th, the Waimea Menehune Battalion Supports the 47th Memorial Service to honor the 100th Infantry Battalion.

KAUAI, HAWAII – September 25th, 2022. The famed 100th Infantry Battalion played an important role in both United States and Hawaiian history.  Formed in September 1943, the 100th Infantry Battalion was predominantly comprised of Japanese-Americans who immigrated to Hawaii, with approximately 1,400 soldiers.  After 20 months of service, the 100th Battalion accumulated many awards, receiving upwards of 4,000 Purple Heart Medals, which earned it the distinctive nickname, “The Purple Heart Battalion”.

To commemorate the heritage of the 100th Battalion, the West Kaua’i Club 100 hosted the 47th Memorial Service in the Kaua’i Veterans Cemetery on Sunday, September 25th at which the Waimea High School JROTC Color Guard and Honor Guard provided proper military protocol. 

Picture credit: Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island

JROTC Honor Guard and Color Guard at Kauai Veterans Cemetery (Credit Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island).
Above: State Rep. Dee Morikawa & Susan Honjiyo holding a memorial wreath for the 100th Battalion (Credit Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island).