Waimea High School Army JROTC Menehune Adventure Challenge

Authored by: C/CPT Althea Cumlat
Photos by: C/CPT Althea Cumlat

The Menehune Adventure Challenge brought young minds from all over the state to compete in a thrilling and exciting event. A total of 20 teams from 9 different schools participated in the challenge, in which they were examined for their physical and mental strengths. The event consisted of 7 different events including a 2-mile beach run, a paddle battle, a physical test, a 400-yard swimming relay, a rope bridge, spider-crossing, and an obstacle course. The Menehune Adventure Challenge was a great success, promoting unity and friendly competition among Cadets from different schools.

Congratulations to the Waimea Mixed, Waimea Female, and Kalaheo Male team for winning overall in the competition. We also extend our gratitude and thanks to everyone who participated and competed in this year’s Menehune Adventure Challenge!