Union High School Army JROTC JPA Inspection

Authored by: C/2LT Elizabeth Rodriguez-Lopez
Photos by: C/2LT Elizabeth Rodriguez-Lopez

At the start of our Spring semester Cadets of the Union High School 85th Battalion came together to prepare for the JROTC Accreditation Program inspection. The 85th Battalion scored 96.5 out of 100 possible points. Our Battalion was recognized as one of the Top 5 JROTC programs within the Brigade. Cadets were also recognized for outstanding performance by the Brigade Team Inspectors, the Cadets recognized as Cadet Command Sergeant Major Hassan Harvey, Cadet First Sergeant Aileen Serrano, and Cadet Second Lieutenant Rodrigo Elias. 

This inspection is held every 3-4 years and assesses information gathered from the primary areas of teaching and learning. The 85th Battalion Cadets worked vigorously preparing for the inspection which involved hard work and dedication from everyone. Every Cadet put in effort ensuring their role and worked hard towards a successful evaluation. As a proud staff member, I can personally say everyone gave their best and showed determination to help keep our Honor Unit Star. This was a learning experience that taught us the responsibility and hard work to work as a team. The evaluation was the major event where they brought new and different aspects from each individual that was part of it. It gave everyone a chance to show what they had learned throughout the project, share what they did exactly, and how it improved the program overall. In a way, it is where they can bring together all aspects of what the JROTC program is all about. 

The preparation included a schedule which we followed up until the day of the inspection. There were days set in which Cadets part of the briefings met to modify the presentations and practice giving them. Cadets, part of drill and color guard, also set aside certain days in which they would practice until they were sure that everything was correct. 

The day of the inspection the Cadets were confident in themselves because they knew we were prepared. After all events were complete, we as a battalion realized the fruits of our hard work. This is what some of our Cadets had to say based on what they experienced.

 “It was stressful but all of the hard work paid off in the end.”

C/SFC Andrea Zuniga Moya

“I learned the importance of hard work and what it is to work as a team and because of our hard work we were able to accomplish good things and pass our JPA and with that I am proud to have worked with everybody it means a lot that we were able to do this together.”

Isaac Serrano Martinez

We learned how an event like this can help bring together Cadets to work and put effort into something they know will do good. This all couldn’t have been done without everything they put in for it to be successful. 

Cadet Battalion Commander C/LTC Mia Paz-Martinez guided us to execute the inspection to prepare us to stay focused and be determined.

“I am extremely proud of my command and staff for giving their time and effort for the JROTC Accreditation Program. We have worked extremely hard preparing ourselves and the countless hours of rehearsing to execute our valuation”. 

C/LTC Mia Paz-Martinez

The battalion is always working to become better and helping everyone involved learn new things and to hold a feeling of accomplishment for what they’ve done. This is just one of the many things we have been and will be a part of. The Union High School 85th Battalion is proud to be an Honor Unit and will continue to work for the title in future years. The 85th battalion SAI is Major (Retired) Lex McClain and AI is Sergeant Major (Retired) Doug Koser.