Trevor Brown High School Army JROTC Cadets Participated in the Virtual 911 Never Forgotten Tower Challenge

Story and Photos by: LTC (R) Peter R Sandberg

This year 11 Trevor G. Brown High School JROTC Cadets participated in the Virtual 911 Never Forgotten Tower Challenge 2023 organized by the 911 Tower Challenge Foundation. The Cadets are remembering those who lost their lives on 9/11/2001. The challenge consists of climbing or running 2071 steps to represent the 110 floors of each of the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. The Cadets gathered on the football field and had a ceremony prior to starting the step challenge. Participating Cadets then moved to the bleachers to begin the challenge. The rest of the battalion formed up by company and walked the track to support the participating Cadets as well as to remember the fallen.

Published - FRAGO 3 to USACC OPORD 24-02-008 JROTC National Raider Challenge 051200(EST)JUL24