Tinian High School JROTC Stallion Battalion Carries on Tradition with Change Of Command Ceremony

Submitted by: C/2LT Furton, Jazmine and C/PFC Medicielo, Julia
Photos by: C/PFC Julia Medicielo, C/2LT Jazmine Furton (Public Affairs Officer), C/CPL Adriel Lenteja

On May 01, 2023, the Tinian JROTC Stallion Battalion proceeded with another ceremony in changing of new leaders for the upcoming school year 2023-2024, as well as celebrating the 30th anniversary of the JROTC Program. With the sun beating down on them, the Cadets stood resolute as they initiated the ceremony. The day kicked off with the battalion assembling on the field, with attendees making their way to their assigned seats. In spite of the unfavorable hot weather condition, the battalion demonstrated their commitment by holding their composure throughout the entire event.

This event started with short remarks from the Municipal Council presented by Estevan Cabrera. Then was followed by promoting the new Top 4 and CSM, Change of Responsibility, Change of Command Ceremony, Trooping of The Line, Presentation of Colors, Ceremonial Swearing-In, brief remarks from incoming and outgoing Battalion Commander and instructors, Pass-In Review, and motivational check from the whole battalion.

We interviewed some Cadets to share their thoughts about this annual event. “The Change of Command went by smoothly and relatively quickly compared to the last COC’s. Every cadet tried their hardest to endure the heat from the weather during this ceremony till the very end. I love how every cadet helped out in cleaning after the event, leaving behind no trash. Overall, I think this year’s Change of Command went great; however, I do wish more Cadets participated because most of the companies barely had any Cadets.” C/1SG Mary Grace Calacsan added.

Former Alpha Company Commander C/CPT Saim Ali was also asked to share his thoughts about leaving his position. “Being in that position was a great experience that helped shape me to become a better leader and the challenges I overcame in this position has made me a better person.” says Ali.

The “ceremonial swearing-in” was for Cadets Drake Cabrera (US Army), Mary Manuel (US Marine Corps), Kylle Cruz (US Air Force), and Isa Reyes (US Air Force), who enlisted into the military. C/CPT Saim Ali was also able to share his thoughts of the Ceremonial Swearing-In and he added, “I think they should keep the Ceremonial Swearing-In because not everyone is able to see how a swearing-in is, so it gives everyone a chance to see what takes place during a swearing-in.”

CPT (Ret.) Joseph A. Santos, the Senior Army Instructor, and 1SG (Ret.) Jose King constantly remind the Cadets to persist in their motivation and diligence. The incoming Battalion Commander, C/LTC Edward Tirona also gave his short remarks, and he mentioned in his speech.

“Earning the position of Battalion Commander has given me a great feeling. It is just the beginning, but I still have a long way to go. Being in this position does not mean that I am the best at it, but yet a major learning experience that will lead to further success in the Battalion. Of course, there will be many ups and downs, but you learn through trial and error. Having other leaders also means that I can delegate and not tackle everything on my own. With that in mind, I look forward to an amazing year in the JROTC program for SY 2023-2024.”

The Stallion Battalion exerted a significant amount of effort to organize and execute this occasion, which turned out to be successful. Congratulations to all the incoming Battalion leadership, Battalion Staff and Company Leadership. We would also like to express gratitude towards the departing senior Cadets, who played a significant role in the JROTC program over the last few years, especially to the Cadets who swore-in during the ceremony, and we wish them the best of luck in their forthcoming military pursuits. A big thank you to the Tinian Mayor’s Office, Tinian Delegations, parents of the Cadets and veterans for showing up to our annual ceremony. We would also like to thank JC Cafe and 3H Kitchen for catering our light refreshments. The TJSHS Stallion Battalion are geared up for the next school year and excited about what lies ahead for them.

List of New Stallion Battalion Leaders:
Battalion commander: C/LTC Tirona, Edward
Battalion Executive Officer: C/MAJ Lenteja, Jaedon
Battalion Command Sergeant Major: C/CSM Shrestha, Kelvin
Special Projects Officer: C/MAJ Rodriguez, Clarize
Adjutant Officer: C/2LT Lagunay, Rchie
Security and Intelligence Officer: C/2LT Yoon, Yeong Chae
Training and Operations Officer: C/MAJ Palacios, Ysabella
Logistics and Supply Officer: C/2LT Kiyoshi, Annabel
Public Affairs Officer: C/2LT Furton, Jazmine
Staff Sergeant Major: C/SGM Miguel, Dennise
Unit Armorer: C/SSG Zhang, Hong

Change of Command
Photo Credit: C/PFC Medicielo Julia
Photo Credit: C/2LT Furton Jazmine
Ceremonial Swearing-in
Photo Credit: C/PFC Medicielo Julia