Tinian High School Army JROTC Takes on the Cadet Challenge

Story by: C/CPL Geremy Santos
Photos by: C/SGT Adriel Lenteja

On December 11, 2023, the Stallion Battalion Cadets took on a series of exercises to test their strength and endurance after many months of training. The weather conditions were perfect throughout the day, allowing Cadets to easily execute their exercises. On this day, a total of 59 out of the 61 Cadets (two of the remaining Cadets will take the Cadet challenge on a later date), participated in this event which consisted of four exercises, which were: pull-ups/push-ups, sit-ups, shuttle-run, and v-reach.

After completing each exercise station, the Tinian Stallion Battalion marched as a platoon to the front of the Tinian Jr. Sr. High School Parking lot where they held their one-mile run. Upon completion, Cadets were completely drained and exhausted, but their efforts weren’t in vain, for the Battalion was treated to lunches provided by their SAI, CPT. Joseph Santos. Four of those 59 Cadets: C/MAJ Clarize Rodriguez, C/CPL Dakota Sandbergen, C/SGT Ty Sandbergen, and C/SSG Edmar Tirona, managed to prove their physical capabilities by meeting the 50th percentile for average Cadets.

This year’s Cadet Challenge has been a first for many incoming Cadets. One of those new Cadets, C/CPL Dakota Sandbergen, expressed her enthusiasm stating, “This is my first time doing the Cadet Challenge and I really enjoyed it. It was super fun and I am looking forward to doing it again!”

C/SGT Darence Palacios shares his gratitude and satisfaction with their Senior Army Instructor for providing them with hot lunches saying, “The most difficult part of this Cadet challenge was definitely, without a doubt, the one-mile run. We were provided a hot lunch from JC and I would like to thank CPT. Santos for that.”

One of the 50th percentile qualifiers and dedicated Cadet celebrates his achievements stating, “My experience was great, I did my best on all the exercises and worked towards beating my scores from last year. And I think I did pretty well since I made the 50th percentile for all the exercises.” – C/SSG Edmar Tirona. Hard work went into putting the Cadet Challenge together and the Stallion Battalion Cadets put a lot of their effort into improving their physical capabilities. Thanks to the JROTC program, Cadets are encouraged to do their best and to improve themselves every day.

Published - FRAGO 2 to USACC OPORD 24-02-008 JROTC National Raider Challenge 071600(EST)JUN24