Tinian High School Army JROTC Flag Detail

Story by: C/2LT Jazmine Furton
Photos by: C/CPL Troy Cabarles

Stallion Battalion’s Flag Detail Successfully Returns after 7 years

The Tinian High School was awash with anticipation as students, faculty, and staff gathered on the school grounds for a historic moment: the first flag ceremony of 2024. But this wasn’t just any ordinary flag ceremony—it marked the return of the JROTC’s flag detail after 7 years. The responsibility of commanding this event rested with the second block Cadets. These Cadets were commanded by C/CSM Kelvin Shrestha along with C/2LT Abbygaile Ong, C/SGT Sofia Del Rosario, C/CPL Serenity Guzman on the CNMI Flag, and C/2LT Rchie Lagunay, C/CPL Timika Reyes and C/CPL Matthew Sarmiento on the US Flag. Despite the unpredictable weather, the flag ceremony was successful.

Before the day of the flag ceremony, Cadets from each block actively practiced on the school grounds to ensure that every aspect of the flag detail was executed properly. As the process of executing the flag detail takes a lot of practice, they have not only showcased their commitments but served as a symbol of their dedication to uphold the values of JROTC.

We interviewed a few Cadets regarding their thoughts on the flag detail, C/2LT Abbygaile Ong mentioned “Flag detail is a way to make the Cadets in JROTC experience something new. In the years that I have been in JROTC, we have been doing colorguard for events. It also shows dedication and respect because Cadets have to put the flags up and down every weekday. Personally, we should continue this tradition because it shows how significant the flags are and how much respect we have.” C/CPL Serenity Guzman also added “What I think about flag detail is that it’s valuable; it adds a meaningful aspect to JROTC, providing an opportunity for learning and tradition. I think maintaining this tradition is beneficial as it offers Cadets a valuable learning experience in this JROTC program.”

We have also asked whether or not we should continue this tradition and C/CPL Timika Reyes stated “Yes, I feel that we should continue this tradition out of respect. It is a good way to show the community that we honor the flag. To add on, it is a good opportunity for our Cadets to perform/present the flags.” C/CPL Matthew Sarmiento also included “Yes I believe we should. The reason for this is the respect that we are giving to the flags as we perform this ceremony. Also, it’s a good practice for our school to show that we appreciate that we get the opportunity to present our flags during the ceremony.”

The first flag ceremony of 2024 at Tinian High School stands as a testament to the enduring impact of tradition, leadership, and unity. As the flag continues to wave proudly, it serves as a symbol of the school’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its dedication to fostering the next generation of leaders.