Tinian High School Army JROTC Drill Competition

Authored by: C/SSG Santos, Geremy
Photos by: Joselito Lenteja

Tinian’s Stallion Battalion Competes In The 2024 CNMI MSU Drill Competition

On March 2, 2024, the Tinian High School Army JROTC Stallion Battalion competed in this year’s CNMI MSU Drill Competition in the MHS parking lot on Saipan!

For the first time in 5 years, the brigade was able to come together and compete with each other in a drill competition. Each school practiced its unarmed and armed variations of the following: inspection, regulation, color guard, and exhibition. After each school practiced their drill performances, Tinian High School, Marianas High School, Kagman High School, Saipan Southern High School, and Rota High School gathered at the MHS parking lot to begin the competition. The winner of the competition, based on evaluators scores, will be representing the CNMI in Torrance, California for the Golden Bear Drill Meet.

An opening ceremony was first held with each school forming their battalion up, and with Saipan Southern HS’ battalion commander leading all of them. After the opening ceremony, the competition starts with each battalion’s unarmed and armed team performing inspection, regulation, and color guard in that respective order. After a quick lunch break, each battalion’s unarmed and armed team showed off their exhibition performances to the evaluators and the audience.

This competition overall was an amazing experience for all Cadets that have participated throughout all CNMI JROTC. We’d like to thank all the instructors who have made this possible and took the time and effort to stay back during school days for each team to practice and hope for next year’s competition to be just as fun!