Tinian High School Army JROTC Cadet Accepted to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Authored by: C/2LT Sofia Del Rosario
Photos by: C/PFC Medicielo, Julia

C/MAJ Jaedon Lenteja got accepted into the prestigious U.S. Military Academy at West Point. C/MAJ Jaedon Lenteja is the second Cadet this school year to emerge from Tinian High School Army JROTC and get accepted to an Academy Prep School. Throughout his journey, Cadet Major Lenteja has shown persistent dedication by participating in JROTC events, partaking in West Point’s 2023 Summer Leaders Experience, maintaining good grades, and much more, all demonstrating the values instilled by this program.

We interviewed C/MAJ Lenteja on his motives and experience throughout his journey.

“It was the opportunities and knowledge from JROTC and my instructors that led me to apply for West Point. I wanted to continue to push myself academically, physically, and mentally through this prestigious institution which creates leaders of character,”

C/MAJ Jaedon Lenteja

We then asked about the application process and what challenges he has faced.

“There were many obstacles I encountered during my application process. Working with admissions had many delays, particularly because of the time difference between New York and the CNMI. I received many letters and emails later than usual, which prompted me to complete all my requirements legibly and completely. Another challenge I faced was making sure I was qualified to meet the standards of being admitted into USMA. It is an extremely competitive process in which only a few people get selected. With that, I began participating in varsity sports such as volleyball and basketball and took part in many leadership roles such as the Executive Officer for JROTC and San Jose Crusaders Youth Ministry Officer. Overall, being a well-rounded student, even in academics, promises you success in securing an appointment into the Military Academy.”

C/MAJ Jaedon Lenteja

Lastly, we asked for advice for those who plan to take a similar path.

“My advice to those who would like to take a path similar to mine is to never hesitate or doubt yourself. People should not confine themselves to their familiar surroundings. Try your very best in everything you do in your life. If you put in the effort, you will be confident enough to move forward with your plans and persevere through any obstacles.”

C/MAJ Jaedon Lenteja

Cadet Major Lenteja’s accomplishment could not have occurred without the unwavering support that he receives from his parents, Mr. Joey and Mrs. Hazel Lenteja. It also is a testament to the quality education that is provided by the CNMI Public School System (PSS) and in particular by the teachers of Tinian High School, along with the strong support of the Administration and Staff.

The Stallion Battalion along with the Instructors would like to congratulate C/MAJ Jaedon Lenteja on this big accomplishment. Here’s to many more successes in your future endeavors!