Tinian Army JROTC Stallion Battalion Hosts their 2nd Military Dining-In

Written by: C/CPL Sofia Del Rosario

The Stallion Battalion was back in action and hosted its 2nd Military Dining-in on March 18, 2023. The time for us to fancy up our uniforms and prepare for a night of delicious food, great company, and unforgettable memories. We managed to make this event fun and enjoyable for everyone after weeks of preparation with the help of our cadets and NJHS members.

The dining-in started off with opening remarks from our Battalion Commander, C/LTC Ciara Santos, and our S1, C/CPT Ysabella Palacios as well as introducing special guests such as our principal, Ms. Lizabeth Hofschedier, Dr. Conrad Kiyoshi, Mr. Dan Chase, and Mrs. Rosa Santos. Afterward, the posting of the colors began led by C/1SG Kelvin Shrestha, along with C/CPL Hong Zhang, C/MSG Rchie Lagunay, C/CPL Darrence Palacios, C/PFC Jake Moncada, and C/CPL Adriel Lenteja. 

Stallion Battalion Color Guard Presents the Colors (Photo Credit: C/SSG Jazmine Furton)

The Dining-in continued with a Punch Bowl Ceremony that was planned by the Stallion Battalion Leadership along with a toast, then we began eating our dinner prepared by JC Cafe and 3-H Kitchen.

 We then asked cadets their opinion on how this year’s dining-in was prepared and set up so far. “When I arrived at the dining-in, the cafeteria was unnoticeable; it looked far from a cafeteria,” said C/SGT Stephanie Diaz. “I was really impressed with all the preparations and people who contributed to helping prepare the dining-in. It was well decorated.”

As everyone enjoys their meal, members of the Board began the Issuing of Orders. These were given to cadets who have either failed to do what they have been asked, have been doing things that were noticed by officers and/or instructors, or just for plain ol’ fun. Though the punishments were just fun games and activities that the cadets were told to do such as karaoke, dancing, and much more. Some say this was also their favorite part of the Dining-in.

“My favorite part was when cadets started doing fun challenges because of something they did in ROTC. For mine, I accidentally forgot to complete something and I ended up dancing a TikTok in front of the entire battalion,” said C/CPT Ismail Hossain. “It was very unexpected but it was truly something I will never forget. The cheers and laughs made will forever be something I will remember.”

Dining-In Head Table (Photo Credit: C/SSG Jazmine Furton)

Afterward, before the end of the formal ceremony our Executive Officer, C/MAJ Chad Acollador gave her closing remarks. Then the Retirement of the Colors took place ending off the formal portion of the dining-in. 

Now began the entertainment consisting of raffles, company skits, and videos. The raffle consisted of various prizes including a one-night staycation at Tinian Diamond Hotel, and a round-trip flight to Saipan. Afterward, skit performances from all companies began with Charlie and HQ then afterward Alpha and Bravo. Lastly, videos made by the S5 Team were then presented to the Stallion Battalion, consisting of a Stallion Battalion Montage and a Senior Interview Video.

This event was enjoyable and memorable for all cadets, so we asked a few freshmen cadets about their experience at this year’s dining-in.

“Yes, I would attend the dining-in again. My experience with the dining-in was funny and a memorable event that I will remember through the years,” said C/PV2 Angelica Reyes.

“Of course, I would attend next year. It was one of the best experiences I have had in JROTC,” said C/PFC Ainsley Ancheta. “I really enjoyed the experience since it was my first dining-in and I didn’t expect to have so much fun.”

As the dining-in came to a close, we asked cadets what their favorite part of this year’s dining-in was and what they hope to see in the coming school year or what the dining-in will be like in the future.

“My favorite part of this year’s dining-in would be the entertainment. I thought the activities and skits throughout the event were funny,” said C/CPL Dylan Subia.

Attendees watch the performances up on stage. (Photo Credit: C/CPT Ismail Hossain)

“My favorite part of this year’s dining-in was the food. For me, it’s my favorite part of the event because this year we had more variety of foods unlike last year,” said C/MSG Rchie Lagunay. “For the future year’s dining-in, I hope to have at least 1-2 battalions from Saipan or Rota to attend the dining-in. I also hope that they would add more activities and more prizes for the raffles.”

With seniors leaving and graduating soon, we asked a few seniors how they felt about this being their last JROTC dining-in.

“It is a bittersweet goodbye knowing next month will be the last month of my term as BC, but I am excited to see our battalion continue growing and be left with a great batch of individuals,” said C/LTC Ciara Santos.

“Not only is this my last dining-in, but this was my first! I am honored to have been able to be a part of this event and I will truly miss being a cadet of this program,” said C/CPT Ismail Hossain.

“I feel incredibly sad to be honest. JROTC has been a big part of my teenage life and knowing that this will be one of the last events I share with the battalion made me feel very emotional,” said C/SFC Mary Manuel.

The Stallion Battalion would like to thank JC Cafe and 3-H Kitchen for their catering services, as well as SMA, Diamond Hotel, Ocean View, Huangshun, Mobil, Cyber, and KTown for their contributions to this year’s dining-in raffle. We’d also like to thank the NJHS members who assisted with preparation and continued to serve us during the dining-in. Cheers to an exciting new future ahead of us in the JROTC program, and here’s to making more memories.

Top Photo Caption: Stallion Battalion Dining-In (Photo Credit: C/CPL Adriel Lenteja)

Meals catered by JC Cafe and 3-H Kitchen (Photo Credit: C/CPL Sofia Del Rosario)