Three Wichita Army JROTC Programs win big at the 2023 JROTC Western National Archery Competition

Written by: MAJ (Ret.) Todd Phillips

Great day in Sandy, Utah. We 38 Wichita archers from three JROTC programs competing. South, Southeast, and North.

3D standing:
South won first and had the 1st place Archer, Clayton McPherson. South also had the 10th place team (team #2). Southeast finished 3rd place.

Overall 3D:
Clayton McPherson – 1st (South)
Brody Shaw – 6th (SE)
Alex Lopez Р11th.  (South)
Abby Florez – 13th (SE)
Noah Yell – 18th (S)
Christian Otis -19th (SE)
Sean Smith – 20th (S)

Wichita Southeast finished 10th overall in bullseye. Christopher Mitchell Р7th (SE) boys.

Overall bullseye:
Christian Otis -11th (SE)
Clayton McPherson – 20th (South)

On our way to Fort Collin, CO.