The Beaver Area Battalion Honors those Fallen through their Annual September 11th Ceremony

Submitted by: SGM (R) Oscar Weaver (AI)
Photo Credit: Battalion S5 Cadet 1st Lieutenant Madeline Boser

The Beaver High School JROTC Program conducted the areas annual memorial ceremony commemorating the tragic events which took place on, what would have otherwise been the beautiful morning of September 11th, 2001.  As fate and horror ensued and gripped our nation which lead to years of conflict, our nation refuses to let the passage of time dull the ever vigilant spirit of our people.  Since that poignant and fateful day, the Beaver Bobcat Battalion holds a solemn ceremony of remembrance to reflect on the impact in the millions of lives affected but more importantly, to demonstrate the resolve, resiliency and respect which continues to burn in the hearts of those who witnessed these atrocities, and more importantly, the homage which our young Cadets display even though they were years from being born into our great country, for the thousands who have sacrificed their “Tomorrow” so that others could have their “Today” for the sake of our nation’s safety. 

Beaver JROTC Honor Guard raising the American Flag for the September 11th Memorial Service
Beaver JROTC Honor Guard raising the American Flag for the September 11th Memorial Service

     The ceremony provides an opportunity for our entire community to come together to honor local First Responders and Service personnel.  The Beaver Bobcat Battalion hosts this ceremony annually, which consist of the honorary flag raising and lowering to half-staff, with various members from the Beaver High School Band and Choir performing Taps, the National Anthem, and medley of patriotic songs, to include “God Bless America” and “America the Beautiful” as a small means to pay respect to the spirit of comradery.        

Members of the Beaver Bobcat JROTC Battalion rendering a salute as the American Flag is being raised

                 This year the ceremony was hailed on September 9th and began at 0730 with the Battalion S6, Cadet 1st Lieutenant Olivia St. Espirit serving as the Master of Ceremonies. The invocation and benediction was given by the Battalion S2, Cadet 1st Lieutenant Klayton Kaunert, the Honor Guard was led by the Battalion JPA, Cadet 1st Lieutenant Jordan Lohry.  The ceremony proceeded with the Battalion Commander, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Aiden Doedyns, as he introduced the ceremonies guest speaker for the day, the new Superintendent for the Beaver Area School District, Dr. Mark Holtzman, who commenced to share poignant words of courage and determination while in the midst of utter chaos, which inspired all in attendance that we are not a nation that strives on division and that even in the worse circumstances, we share a bond which ties us together as Americans……past……present…..and future.  

New Cadets to the Beaver JROTC Battalion bow their heads in a moment of silence during the September 11th Memorial Service

In the conclusion for the mornings memorial service, the Beaver Bobcat Battalion Cadet Corps, to include all newly committed Cadets who just began the current school year only 10 school days prior to this event, stood tall and proud in formation, in uniform, and in complete solidarity with their fellow Cadets, formed a processional line, shook the hands and gave a heartfelt “Thank You” to all of the First Responders and Military personnel who attended the service individually.  It will always remain a staple of the Beaver Bobcat Battalion JROTC and the Beaver community to share in the pain caused by that day and to rejoice in the promise of a brighter tomorrow led by our courageous young men and women who commit to becoming better citizens within our community.   

Published - FRAGO 2 to USACC OPORD 24-02-008 JROTC National Raider Challenge 071600(EST)JUN24