The 87th Annual East Los Angeles Classic

Story/Photos: 1SG(R) Raymond Eason

For over 85 years, rival schools Garfield and Roosevelt High School have faced off in the annual East LA Classic. This year however had become one of the most memorable events for Garfield High School’s Army JROTC as the annual Classic would be held at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which previously held the 1984 Summer Olympics. The Los Angeles Coliseum is over 100 years old and has become known as the greatest stadium in the world. This event, a community staple would feature both the East Los Angeles and Boyle Heights communities coming together and determining who would hold prestigious bragging rights and move onto the city championship.

With almost 35,000 people in attendance and featuring a half-time performance by Grammy award-winning and Super Bowl XLV Half-Time performers the Black Eyed Peas, the annual high school football game was guaranteed to be an outstanding success. In preparation for the big game, everyone in the Garfield High School community had played crucial roles in the weeks leading up to the 87th Annual Classic.

The Mighty Bulldawg Battalion spent the upcoming weeks leading to the game in high gear. Participating in the annual Classic Banquet, the press conference at Memorial Stadium, two early morning TV appearances, and the school-wide parade and pep-rally. The Bulldawg Battalion was ready to give their all, including our members of the Color Guard, Saber Team, and Recondo, without them and their endless dedication it wouldn’t be the same.

Final: Score: Garfield Bulldogs 16 – Roosevelt Rough Riders 8