Taylor County High School Army JROTC Attend JROTC Day at the Georgia Capitol

Authored by: LTC (R) John McLeod & Ms. Gwendolyn McLeod
Photos by: LTC (R) John McLeod

ATLANTA — Taylor County High School Army JROTC Cadets got a first-hand view of state government in action recently as they participated in the first “Georgia JROTC Day at the Capitol.” The Viking Battalion Cadets departed Butler early in the morning to make their two-and-a-half-hour trek to and through Atlanta’s rush hour traffic for the event.

Ms. Lynsey Singleton, the program specialist for Georgia’s Department of Education, Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education JROTC Pathway, created the event for Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps units around the state.

“Legislators rely heavily on the viewpoints expressed by their local constituents when they make important decisions regarding education issues. By coming to Atlanta and actively participating in a day of visiting the Capitol and meeting with legislators, Cadets, and instructors can be an effective voice for Georgia JROTC. A visit to the Georgia Capitol also offers students an opportunity to view first-hand the state government in action and to learn about the judicial and lawmaking processes.”

Ms. Lynsey Singleton

The 23 Viking Battalion Cadets met with state Rep. Patty Stinson (150th District), and state Sen. Ed Harbison (15th District). Rep. Stinson led the Cadets in a motivating cheer for Taylor County Vikings on the Capitol steps.

Later, the Vikings learned about the history of the Capitol building and Georgia’s history via a scavenger hunt. The trip included a visit with the Georgia Veteran’s Hall of Fame scholarship team that offered opportunities for college ROTC scholarships to various state colleges and universities.

“I really liked meeting with the legislators and seeing other JROTC Cadets. Yes, those were my trip highlights.”

Cadet Sgt. Jermerra Richardson, Taylor County JROTC Drill Team member

The Cadets joined 50 other JROTC units and 827 other Cadets for this first of future JROTC Days at the Capitol.

“We had several purposes for our trip today. First, many students have yet to visit their state Capitol, meet with their legislators, and see their government — that they’ve read and studied about in the classroom — in action. Secondly, we want to instill and reinforce in them their responsibilities as constituents and residents of Georgia and citizens of the United States. Lastly, they were able to see and meet JROTC Cadets from different schools and sister services around the state. Army JROTC is about teaching leadership and being good citizens, and is not about recruiting students for military service.”

Lt. Col. John McLeod, senior Army instructor, at Taylor County High School