Tafuna High school Army JROTC Cadet Triumph at the Pacific Games

Story by: MAJ (R) Siimoa Galoia
Photos by: Maea Fepulea’i

Bronze Ambition: 17-Year-Old Cadet Colonel Fepulea’i’s Triumph at the Pacific GamesĀ 

Cadet Colonel Olefa Fepulea’i, a 17-year-old Senior at Tafuna High School and the Army JROTC Task Force Commander, exemplifies the U.S. Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) mission and core values, particularly Duty and Personal Courage, through his achievements at the Pacific Games.

As the Task Force Commander and a high school senior, Cadet Colonel Fepulea’i chose to compete in the 80kg bodybuilding category at the Games. This decision highlights his commitment to Duty, aligning with the JROTC’s goal to inspire better citizenship. His participation underscored the importance of representing his community and upholding the principles imparted by JROTC.

Preparing for the competition, Cadet Colonel Fepulea’i demonstrated remarkable self-discipline and resilience. Juggling the demands of his senior year and his responsibilities as the Task Force Commander, he exemplified Personal Courage. He overcame significant challenges, such as adhering to a strict diet and managing his time, all while maintaining his academic and JROTC commitments.

His drive and determination were self-motivated, a testament to the intrinsic motivation and strength developed through his experiences in JROTC. Securing a bronze medal at the Pacific Games, Cadet Colonel Fepulea’i showcased his ability to surpass limitations, embodying the program’s values of hard work and determination.

As he looks forward to competing in the 2027 Pacific Games in Tahiti, Cadet Colonel Fepulea’i’s story serves as an inspirational model for other Cadets, demonstrating the transformative impact of JROTC training in achieving remarkable success. His goal for the next Pacifc Games is to bring home the gold.

Expressing gratitude to his mentors, peers, and family, Cadet Colonel Fepulea’i’s journey reflects the JROTC’s emphasis on community spirit and support.

In summary, at just 17 years old and as a senior at Tafuna High School, Cadet Colonel Fepulea’i’s experiences and achievements at the Pacific Games powerfully illustrate the JROTC’s role in fostering leadership, character, and a commitment to excellence. His story inspires young people to become better citizens, equipped with vital values and the determination to excel in all endeavors.