Stallion Battalion promotes Recycling Project to community

Story by: Cadet Private Julia Medicielo, Public Affairs Officer Team

On November 15, 2022, the Stallion Battalion presented their Recycling Project to the Tinian Mayor’s Office to commemorate America’s Recycling Day. In the event, cadets from the JROTC PBL Class Period spoke to dignitaries and members of the public about our battalion’s ongoing recycling project. 

America’s Recycling Day, also known as National Recycling Day, is an event to which everyone promotes recycling across the nation. On this very day, the battalion was committed to showing their project to the public to help promote recycling and how we could stop this problem.

We asked one of the presenters, C/PFC Tosh Evangelista, what he thought America’s Recycling Day event is and what it was about. He stated, “I think America Recycles Day is a day dedicated to promoting the practices of recycling. I think it is great for our community to keep our island clean.”

            The group presented their timeline, data, and impact that they would have on the island. They also talked about the solutions their team has made to address the current situation in our community.

            We then interviewed another group member, C/1LT Tano King, on how he felt about presenting this project. He commented, “To me, it felt like another huge step of our project. Presenting to the community and making them have knowledge of recycling is very good. We started on this project on August 23, 2022. From then to now, we have done a lot and I am excited to see what my team can bring to the table. We want to help our community’s environment.”

Mayor of Tinian giving recycling bins as a donation to the JROTC PBL Recycling Project.
Photo Credit: C/PV2 Adriel Lenteja

            C/CPL Jaydoria Cruz commented, “The event was a big step for the JROTC PBL Project and I think that it will encourage others to start using reusable bags and using recycling bins properly.”

            After their presentation, the Mayor’s Office presented to the cadets recycling bins as a donation to help the team advance in their project. They were also given Reusable Bags to promote its use and help reduce single-use plastic bags in the community.

            We asked C/1LT Dennise Miguel about how she feels about the donation and how it will benefit the PBL Recycling Project. She commented, “Due to unfortunate events that have been happening since the Recycling Project started, the project was struggling with expanding this idea to the public and due to the fact that we were lacking resources. Thankfully, our project has been successfully receiving many donations from the Mayor’s Office, which has been efficient and would be a great help for expanding our project.”

When asked about what the team’s next move will be, C/1LT Tano King stated that “Since we’ve presented to the adults, we plan on educating the future generations about recycling. We have already begun with the high school students. Next we want to start presenting to the junior high students and then the elementary school.”

Overall, the cadets are grateful for being able to have this opportunity to present to the public. We would like to thank Mayor Aldan as well as the rest of the Mayors’ Office staff for their donations and support towards our battalion’s recycling project. We will continue to promote recycling on our island and we encourage everyone in our community to keep our islands clean.

Top Photo: The JROTC PBL class poses for a group photo with the staff of the Mayor’s Office.

The PBL Recycling Team Presenting their project to the public.
Photo Credit: C/PV2 Adriel Lenteja