South Pointe High School Army JROTC Service Learning Project

Story and Photos byLTC (R) Arturo Roque

A Two-Day JROTC Experience (Service-Learning Project: 5 & 12 DEC 2023)

Over the course of two inspiring days, South Pointe High School (SPHS) Phoenix, AZ Cadets took the reins as instructors, imparting their knowledge and experiences with Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) to their younger peers at South Pointe Junior High School, Phoenix, AZ. This unique event not only delved into the rich history of JROTC but also provided hands-on experiences through a variety of physical activities, fostering a sense of leadership, teamwork, and personal development.

The first day was dedicated to understanding the roots of JROTC, the program’s development at SPHS, and the impact it has had on the lives of those who have participated. The student Cadets, with a passion for their JROTC journey, shared anecdotes and personal insights, creating a vivid picture of the program’s transformative power. This open dialogue allowed for a deeper understanding of the day-to-day experiences, challenges faced, and the lifelong friendships forged within the JROTC community.

The second day brought a dynamic shift, focusing on practical skills and physical activities that are integral to the JROTC experience. The agenda included robotics workshops, personal training sessions, color guard/flag folding, and map reading exercises, offering a holistic approach to leadership development.  By combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills, the event not only educated younger students but also ignited a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for leadership and personal development. As these students carry forward the lessons learned, the impact of this unique initiative will continue to resonate in the hallways and beyond, shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Published - FRAGO 2 to USACC OPORD 24-02-008 JROTC National Raider Challenge 071600(EST)JUN24