San Diego Unified School District Cadet Brigade Commander 2023-2024

Story and Photos by: C/LtCol Song Yeon Kang

Representing Stephen Watts Kearney High School Army JROTC, C/COL Kaila Stolz is the Cadet Brigade Commander for the 2023-2024 SY.

Growing up, Stolz greatly involved herself in her family’s home business; They run a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) with a strong concentration of Alzheimer’s patients.

In JROTC, Stolz had her uprising as a Company First Sergeant. She found great enjoyment in the training responsibilities, or “teaching” part of the program. Heavily involved with mentorship, she’s been a part of Raiders (YPF), Regulation, Armed Drill, and the Unarmed Drill Team. Following 1SG, she took on the Battalion CSM position (SNCOIC) before assuming the Brigade CO position.

Stolz remains active in her Battalion as a “Cadet Instructor” and mentor for the unit command. She is the main choreographer for Kearny’s Dance Team which she’d founded in her Sophomore year. Hoping to see youth shine, she continues to devote time to her peers and hopes to bring her Dance Team into regional competition and state for her final year.

Stolz aspires to enter the legal field, majoring in philosophy or legal studies for her undergrad on Army ROTC scholarship to become a JAG officer.


Stolz intends to enliven the quality
of the Brigade with new methods
of engagement and to strengthen
the connection between differing
branches and units with a sense of

She envisions a county where
Junior ROTC students are
recognized for their aptitude and
community involvement.

She hopes to excite those involved
with the program and beyond with
new and promising innovations.

To uplift Cadets into the center of

—Stolz, Personal Mission Statement