Sam Rayburn High School Army JROTC Raider Championship

Authored by: SFC (R) James Schneider
Photos by: SFC (R) James Schneider

On Saturday, April 13th, The Sam Rayburn High School Army JROTC Raider Team from Pasadena, Texas, traveled to San Antonio, Texas, to compete in Fifth Brigade’s Inaugural JROTC Raider Championships held at The Camp Henson Training Facility. This austere event began with a 5 K Cross Country Run for all teams and included extreme physical activities such as an Obstacle Course, Cross Country Litter Carry, One Rope Bridge, and Physical Team Test.

The Texan Battalion’s Male Team placed first and was the only team to win a trophy in every event. The Female Team finished in a close second place and won a trophy in 4 of the 5 events. With these placements, both male and female teams are now eligible to represent Fifth Brigade at the All-Army National Raider Championships at Ft. Knox, Kentucky, next October.

Individual Event Placement: Males/Females

5K Cross Country Run             2nd                               3rd

1 Rope Bridge                         2nd                               4th

Physical Team Test                 1st                                2nd

Obstacle Course                      2nd                               3rd

Cross Country Rescue             1st                                2nd