Sam Houston MSTC Army JROTC C/COL Erik Jimenez accepted appointment to USMA at West Point

Written by: Micah A. Ray Sr.

JROTC Battalion Commander’s two year journey to achieve his dream of becoming an Army officer

HOUSTON, TX — In this picture, we have SE Civilian Aid to the Secretary Myrna Trevino, CPT Kelechi Odocha (West Point Admissions Officer SW Region, West Point Field Force members Terry Felton and John Polisini, Sam Houston Principal Dr. Diego Linares and Associate Principal Michael Hines (father is a West Point graduate), and the mother of C/COL Erik Jimenez. 

During Erik’s LET 2 year, he learned about the various military academies.  He was the only cadet in the program to ask further questions about the USMA at West Point and wanted to know how he could apply.  As his instructor, I was unaware at the time, but I told him I would find out.  Through deep investigation and seeking guidance from the DAI office in Houston, we were able to get him on track.  Meeting the Field Force was a game changer for our program and they helped us train for the Fitness Assessment providing expert tips on how to pass each event successfully. 

Ultimately, he has now been accepted and intends on maximizing his potential the premiere military institution making his family proud.