Safety and Risk Management

  • Safety & Risk Management (.pdf) – includes two lists of confidence/obstacle course obstacles that are either approved or not approved for training.
  • FM 7-22 – Appendix E (.pdf) – Obstical Negotiations – for reference when reading Safety & Risk Management.

Rappel Tower Inspection Criteria

  • Rappel Tower Inspection Criteria (.pdf)

Heat and Stress Safety

  • Risk Assessment Worksheet (Short) (.doc)
  • Risk Assessment Worksheet (Long) (.doc)
  • JROTC Summer Safety Letter (.pdf)
  • JROTC Leaders’ Heat Injury Prevention Program (.ppt)
  • Safety and Composite Risk Management Philosophy (.tif)
  • Heat Sticker (.pdf)
  • Heat Injury Controls (.pdf)
  • Heat Stress Card (.pdf)
  • Water Consumption in Heat (.pdf)

Other Safety Items

  • Suicide Prevention (.ppt)
  • Cold Weather Injury Prevention (.ppt)
  • DA Form 7566 Composite Risk Management (.pdf)
Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation:

Download the presentation from this link: Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation 2016 to view the slide show: Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation. This is the updated Off-Duty Safety Awareness campaign from the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center. Request every JROTC Instructor review the materials and observe safety rules, procedures, and guidelines to ensure safety is a part of everything Instructors and Cadets participate in.

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