Rockledge High School Army JROTC Conducts SEAL Museum Staff Ride

Story by: C/CPT Paina Romeus
Photos by: C/CPT Captain Paina Romeus and MAJ (R) Steven Celeste

The Rockledge High School Army JROTC conducted a Staff Ride & Analysis to the US Navy SEAL Museum on a beautiful morning in Fort Pierce Florida.

The Battalion Command & Staff was tasked 3 weeks in advance to prepare for this Staff Ride. The main goal of the Staff Ride was to develop staff analysis skills and build camaraderie to prepare staff for the year ahead. Several tasks had to be accomplished prior to execution and then also upon arrival at the SEAL Museum.

Thus, a demanding mission in front of Rock Battalion Command & Staff. Yet they planned, rehearsed, and executed in order to have an amazing day!

How valuable was Task Delegation & Rehearsals to the success of the Staff Ride? “Rehearsals were essential to our success at the SEAL Museum. Task Delegation to each Staff Section & Company Team prepped our Cadets so everyone knew the history of the SEALs prior to execution! Practice truly pays off when you work hard.” said Battalion Commander Christopher Truscello.

Additionally, the Command & Staff would develop camaraderie by tackling the Obstacle and Water Confidence Course at the SEAL Museum! This included obstacles such as the Weaver, the Low Crawl, and the Vault. Team exercises on the beach included the Rope Run, Team Sit-Ups, and Flutter Kicks! “Getting a sample of how Navy SEALS train was humbling,” said Captain Austin Wudarsky 

Retired SEAL Team Operator & Museum Assistant Director Glenn Cooper was presented with a Rock Battalion Certificate of Appreciation. He oversaw the Obstacle Course and Water Confidence Workout and asked Cadets how they liked it. “It was awesome and a lot of fun!” stated Battalion S4 Captain Priscilla Smith. 

This was the first time the Rock Battalion had conducted this Staff Ride. The day was completed with 3 Cadets being promoted in the Atlantic Ocean and an After-Action Review!