Puma Battalion Cadets Embark on Their First Mentorship Project

Written by:  MAJ (Ret.) Ervin Purvis

Palisades High School in Charlotte, N.C. and their Army JROTC program may be new, but the Cadets’ sense of responsibility and community service are indicative of a tenured organization.  The Cadets’ understanding of values, community service, and leadership inspired them to step outside of the classroom and demonstrate some unpackaged potential.  Immediately following their Planning Projects lesson, the LET 3 Pumas generated a comprehensive plan (including a memorandum of instruction) that began with contacting the near-by Palisades Park Elementary School principal and requesting an Adopt-a-School partnership.  Their initiative was met with immediate approval along with each Cadet being assigned a mentee.  The Cadets’ motivation was an impressive sight to witness as they ramped-up preparations, developed a resource list, generated a timeline, and conducted a group rehearsal.  On the 1st day of execution, the Cadets reported to school with a notable leadership presence and essential equipment – board games to build rapport with their new protégés.  Their new-found project planning knowledge and exemplary enthusiasm foreshadows all that is possible among these aspiring leaders.  Puma Battalion instructors cannot be prouder of their Cadets’ demonstrated leadership ability and believe there’s no limits to what they can achieve. 

Palisades Highschool Cadets Pause for a Photo Opportunity with Their New Palisades Park Elementary School Mentees – January 11, 2023
Photo credit: Photo by MAJ (Ret.) Ervin Purvis