Build Your Own Posters!

You can now download PowerPoint Templates to create poster files in .JPG format. Use the .JPG file to order poster prints from vendors or at photo kiosks. There are four Resource Packs available with all of our logos, taglines, the U.S. Army Values, and more! Microsoft PowerPoint is required.

Download .zip files (Last update FEB 2023):

How to video:

Downloadable Posters

Click an image to download the poster (or right-click, save image as). All posters are .JPG files and are 2×3 feet (3600×4500 px) large and ready for printing.

Note: These files are very large (over 8MB each).

JROTC Mission, Vision, Values (2×3) .jpg
JROTC Cadet Creed Poster 1 (2×3) .jpg
JROTC Cadet Creed Poster 2 (2×3) .jpg
JROTC Core Abilities (2×3) .jpg
Uniform Poster ACU (2×3) .jpg
Class A Female Poster (2×3) .jpg
Class A Male (2×3) .jpg
JROTC Ranks Poster (2×3) .jpg
Why Join JROTC Poster (2×3) .jpg


Click here to download the JROTC Certificate of Appreciate (PowerPoint)

Click here to download the JROTC Certificate of Appreciation (PDF – requires Adobe Acrobat to edit)

Cards and Brochures

JROTC Logo Posters

Cadet Command ROTC Poster (2×3) .jpg
JROTC Patch Poster (2×3) .jpg
JROTC Logo Poster (2×2) .png