Instructor Pay

Our mission is to provide unprecedented customer service to JROTC instructors and school districts pertaining to cost shared reimbursement from the Department of the Army.

Minimum Instructor Pay (MIP) information

This is a reminder: All cost shared JROTC Instructors and DAI Office personnel must submit DD Form 2767 (Annual Certification of Pay and Data Form) to USACC JROTC Directorate via JROTC Command and Information Management System (JCIMS) NLT 30 April of each new academic year. Pay is stopped at the end of the current DD 2767 and will not resume until a new DD2767 is received.

Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps Standardized Instructor Pay Scale (JSIPS) – Minimum Pay Scale Determination

The employing school’s physical address will be used to determine which Office of Personnel Management (OPM) GS locality table must be used.  Based off the appropriate GS Locality table, the following tables are used to determine an instructors MIP, for equivalency purposes only.

Enlisted Instructor serving in an SAI or DAI position will receive a two-step increase.

All Enlisted Instructors to include Warrant Officers who have less than a Bachelor’s Degree, use the enlisted table.

JS-1Less than an associate degreeEquivalency GS 10, Step 2
JS-2Associate degreeEquivalency GS 10, Step 3
JS-3Bachelor’s degreeEquivalency GS 10, Step 4
JS-4Master’s degreeEquivalency GS 10, Step 5
JS-5Juris Doctor Degree, Doctorate DegreeEquivalency GS 10, Step 6
JS-6Bachelor’s degreeEquivalency GS 11, Step 6
JS-7Master’s degreeEquivalency GS 11, Step 7
JS-8Juris Doctor Degree, Doctorate DegreeEquivalency GS 11, Step 8

This is an unofficial MIP calculation, all official MIP amounts come from JROTC Pay Team.

Double-click in the search bar below. You can type by school name, district, city, or state but not a combination of each and click enter. This search will give you the table number for the location you are searching for. Take the table number to the next search below.

If the Excel Worksheet above is not viewable, it can be downloaded from the following link: Pay-Table-Search.xlsx

Pay-Table-Search is compatible with Microsoft 365 and Excel 2021.

Double-click in the search below to type the table number from above and click enter. When that table populates look at JSIPS Level applies to you. This is the monthly MIP amount.  This table is in effect for the period of 1May2024-30June2025.

If the Excel Worksheet above is not viewable, it can be downloaded from the following link: Pay-Table.xlsx

Pay-Table is compatible with Microsoft 365 and Excel 2021.

  • No current instructor will lose MIP. If JSIPS pay is lower, the instructor will be listed at the JS level with an XX after, indicating they are grandfathered to keep current MIP. If MIP increases with new pay scale, the instructor will be identified as JS1-8 as appropriate.
  • Grandfathered status of an XX will only remain in effect while in the same school district.  When an instructor resigns/retires from current school district and is rehired they will be hired under the JSIPS pay model.
  • Enlisted Instructors who receive a two-step increase for serving in an SAI position, and are transferring to the AI position within the same school will maintain the SAI step pay.  However, when the instructor transfers, they will be placed on the JSIPS scale dependent upon education level.
  • The GS pay scale on the OPM Website is on an annual 12-month amount, therefore, all annual amounts must be divided by 12 to get a monthly MIP amount. 
  • All pay raises will be effective at the beginning of the new academic year, 1 July, based on locality tables. 
  • All instructor on an XX status will receive the Locality percentage divided by 12 for their location.  Example: if the locality increase for the location is 12%, it will be divided by 12 equaling a 1% monthly increase. 

When achieving a higher level of education, submit conferred transcripts through your BDE. All degrees must be attained from an accredited institution and verified by Instructor Management Division. Step increases based on education will be effective at the beginning of the new academic year.

School districts employing JROTC instructors on cost share MUST PAY the MIP, and guarantee a 10-, 11- or 12-month contract. Only DAI, and MPS positions are authorized a 12-month contract. Once a grandfathered instructor leaves the district the grandfathered status is removed. The Army reimburses the school one half of the calculated MIP. The total amount paid by the school is taxable income.

Many schools elect to pay more than MIP and are encouraged to adjust instructor pay based upon the individual’s qualifications and experience. The Army will reimburse the school districts only for the period of employment specified in the contract and will not reimburse the school for any instructor’s pay if they are employed while on terminal leave. The length of the contract and amount paid above MIP are a matter of negotiation between the instructor and the school.

All schools and school districts must have a point of contact (POC) on file in order for JROTC HQ to release salary information. POCs are appointed via memorandum on district letterhead and must be signed by the appointees’ supervisor or equivalent.


School districts must submit a request for hire letter and Form DD2767. NOTE:  instructors are responsible for the filling out and signing Form DD2767. A school hiring authority must also review and sign Form DD2767.


The school district must submit Form DD2767 and a request to transfer letter and receive approval PRIOR to transferring the instructor. Submitting documentation after the effective date may delay and/or cause loss of reimbursement.

When an instructor retires or resigns, the school district must submit a memo or resignation letter with the effective date. All documentation must be sent through the school districts servicing brigade, 30 days in advance of effective date of action.

MIPs are communicated via the official hire letter provided once the instructors’ MIP is calculated. MIPs are used to place the instructor on a school districts payroll. It’s imperative, school districts pay close attention to the first JROTC EFT Statement for the actual MIP. Although MIPs are usually calculated to the nearest penny, true MIP can change due to updated information in-between the time of the request for MIP and processing of the actual MIP.

Furlough days, JCLC

Any furlough days charged to an instructor are non reimbursable. A memo must be provided with the instructor’s name(s) and date(s) of furlough to the school districts servicing brigade POC. A memo for JCLC is required for all instructors on a 10-month contract and must include the instructor(s) names, dates of JCLC, and be submitted to the school districts servicing brigade POC.  Brigade POC must endorse and submit to the Pay team.  All JCLC payments are paid as an adjustment, which is the Army’s 50% cost share of the amount due, the district must match the 50% payment.

Cost Share Reimbursement

Because our process is a reimbursement process, the cost shared reimbursements and JROTC EFT Statements are processed and emailed, respectively, by the 15th of the following month. For example, January reimbursement will not be electronically transferred until February. Note, depending on mitigating circumstances, reimbursements and EFT statements may be transferred beyond the 15th of the following month.

JROTC Instructor Management Division (IMD) is aware most school districts pay Instructor salaries in a different manner, to include updating MIP when MIP changes. It is JROTC IMD policy to allow school districts to make up any MIP discrepancies at the end of the academic year. However, JROTC IMD encourages school districts to adjust MIP when notified, via JROTC EFT Statements. If the total annual MIP has not been met by the end of the academic year, JROTC IMD may deduct the difference from the district, place the JROTC program on probation, and if continues, recommend de-establishment.

MIP Changes

All annual increases will be at the beginning of the academic year, beginning in 2025.  The only adjustments made during the academic year are for enlisted instructor that move from an AI position to an SAI or DAI position.

Instructor Pay Review may be requested for verification of pay from school districts. Instructor pay reviews will only be conducted for the last TWO academic years. For an accurate review, JROTC IMD requires ALL pay stubs or school district payroll print outs for time requested. JROTC IMD will not perform a review until all documentation requested is received. It is policy to assist instructors in receiving 100% of MIP that is cost shared and MUST be paid by the school district. JROTC IMD request Instructors to try to resolve salary discrepancies at the lowest level possible.