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The JROTC Life Skills Library – (Will Interactive ©)

JROTC Instructors can use WILL Interactive© JROTC Life Skills Videos to supplement and enhance CMv3 lessons. To access WILL Interactive© JROTC Life Skills Videos, log into SMARTCadet > Lesson Resources > Global Resources > “How to facilitate JROTC Life Skills – WILL Interactive©.pdf.” Or, Log into CMv3 > Global Resources > Instructor Materials > “JROTC Life Skills – WILL Interactive©.”

Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP)

The Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program (SEAP) provides an opportunity for high school students to participate in research at a Department of Navy (DoN) laboratory. The EXSUM and Naval STEM’s Science and Engineering Program (SEAP) information flyer with the information needed for cadets to apply can be downloaded here:

Alternatives for Army JROTC Online Learning

For Instructors moving to an online learning platform, they have access to digital .PDF copies of each LET Level Student Core Text and Core Text handouts (Exercises, Activities, Student Learning Plans, and Performance Assessment Tasks).

Good Morning to all, I wanted to take a moment and provide some information on additional resources that you can access online to expand your class with STEM curriculum.
~ Dr. Joseph Cross (24 JUL 2020)

We have created ready to use curriculum material to assist Instructors in non-traditional instruction in Google © Classroom and Edmodo © Groups that can be found below under “Additional Resources”.

Conover Online

Click this link to setup an account with Conover Online® Once your account has been setup you will receive an email from Conover Online® with instructions on how to get started.

Conover Online® is a web-based system that will allow your cadets to take the Personal Skills Map (PSM)™ and related skill enhancements online using any internet connected device such as a computer, smartphone, iPad™, tablet or Chromebook™. Previously, the PSM™ and related skill enhancements were only available through the Curriculum Manager (CM).

Here is a general overview video that will show you how to use your account.

IMPORTANT: The Conover® Company owns the copyright to the PSM™. The Conover® Company permits JROTC employees, instructors and Cadets to access the PSM™ via the Curriculum Manager and the Conover Online® website. JROTC employees, instructors and Cadets are NOT permitted to upload or post the PSM™ to any source available to the public; i.e. internet or other social media.

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Additional Resources:

  • Cadet DL to Schoology (.docx) (10 AUG 2020)
  • Misadventures in Money Management Financial Education Program (.docx)
  • Another free avenue for online learning is (external link). USAREC maintains this external site. To access their online learning materials, Instructors and Cadets have to register for an account. This is a ‘Gold Nugget’ with free access to ACT, SAT, and STEM materials. Creative Instructors can integrate these materials into their online learning plan. For Cadets who do not have access to the internet outside the school; Instructors can make copies of these learning materials, along with the online learning plan they created, and hand them out to Cadets.
  • Instructors who have implemented an online teaching/learning plan at their school, please share your experiences with other Instructors on JROTC SharePoint. After logging into JROTC SharePoint (aka USACC Portal), click the icon for “Best Practices Message Board,” then click “NEW DISCUSSION.” Write about your online teaching/learning plan you created for your Cadets.

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Tutorial videos:

Video 1. (external site), (35 minutes) is for brand new instructors to Cadet Portfolio and provides a full overview.

Video 2. Instructor Manual, located here (external link)

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Phone: 1-866-GO-JROTC (40-57682), M-F 8am – 8pm EST