Olympic Senior High School Army JROTC Raiders Takes First Place In The Lee County Raider Competition

Authored by: LTC (R) Chad Byas
Photos by: C/LTC Braden Vu

On Saturday, March 2, 2024, the Olympic High School Army JROTC Raiders Team took first place in the annual Lee County Raider Meet. The Lee County Raider Meet is one of the most anticipated events for our Raider Team.

The Raider Team has spent several months practicing and preparing for the competition. Events such as the 5K run, HUMVEE Pull, the obstacle course, the rope bridge, and the litter carry helped propel the Olympic High School Raider Team to win first place overall. This momentous win allows the team to participate in the upcoming 4th BDE Best of the Best Raiders Competition on March 23, 2024, in Chesterfield, VA.