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Ozark JROTC Rifle Team Wins Army Service Nationals

The Ozark JROTC Rifle Team Competing

The Ozark JROTC Rifle Team Competing
Photo Credit: 1SG(R) William Crawford

  • Posted on April 22nd, 2021
  • Story by: 1SG(R) William Crawford
  • 3rd Brigade
    Air Rifle

OZARK, MO -- The morning of March 27th, The Ozark Rifle Team participated in the first day of competition for the Army Service Air Rifle National Competition. In years past the team members that qualified for competition would travel to Anniston Alabama and shoot their targets at the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center. Due to COVID-19 our team stayed in Missouri and proceeded to participate in the Army Service Air Rifle National Competition by sending in our targets through the mail.

The next morning March 28th both Ozark Sporter one and Precision one prepared for their second day of competition. A standard air rifle competition requires athletes to use all three positions to shoot sixty shots total. Twenty shots in prone, twenty shots in standing and twenty shots in kneeling. Depending on the position athletes are given 20-25 minutes to shoot their targets. Competitions usually take an hour and a half to complete. That may seem like a short amount of time to shoot six targets, or to have a competition in general. But time tends to move slowly when a national championship is on the line. But our Ozark Rifle Team refused to break under pressure.

Ozark Sporter took first place out of all Army JROTC and Ozark Precision took third place. This is because the Ozark rifle team wakes up at 4:00am every morning four to five days a week to participate in morning practices. During the cold of winter when the windshields are frosted over Ozark doesn’t use “I got stuck in traffic” as an excuse to be late because the streets are completely empty at 4:00am. To have enough passion and commitment to wake up at 4:00am in the cold, dark, empty mornings four to five days a week for multiple months is why the Ozark Rifle team won the Army Service Championship.

The Ozark rifle team coach 1SG William Crawford, started coaching the Ozark rifle team five years ago when he first became a JROTC instructor. We interviewed 1SG Crawford after receiving the official results and confirmation from the CMP competition center that our Ozark Sporter team had won Army Service Nationals stated “I am proud of these athletes. Their hard work, dedication and commitment resulted in our national championship this year. We cannot rest on our laurels, we must sharpen our focus and begin preparation for next season,” Both the Sporter and Precision teams placed first in the Missouri State Championship in January. This last time the Ozark Rifle Team won a national championship was in 2014.

Ozark Rifle Team Sporter

  • Matthew Crawford
  • Elijah Glenn
  • Rachael Hartzell
  • Hanna McConnell
  • Sydney Broussard

Ozark Rifle Team Precision

  • Brody Baumann
  • Alexis Lake
  • Karley McCall
  • Gavin Browning

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The Ozark JROTC Rifle Team Competing
The Ozark JROTC Rifle Team Competing