Cadet News

Learn how to share your Army JROTC Cadet news and recognition!

Submitting Cadet News Stories

Have a story about a JROTC Unit or Cadet who did something amazing? E-Mail the JROTC Directorate with submissions and we’ll help you tell that story on the JROTC website. The JROTC website is ALL ABOUT OUR CADETS and your submissions can make them shine!

Cadet Command wants to ensure that your programs, Instructors, and Cadets get proper recognition by posting their photos and stories onto the Cadet Command webpage. We are committed to supporting every unit, however, please ensure that any photos you send up with Cadets wearing their uniforms are appropriate for publication. We need your help to ensure Cadets are in their appropriate uniforms for all photos, and that they have the correct headgear, decorations, etc.  If they are not in their correct uniforms, those pictures may not be published. Thank you for your understanding and attention to uniform regulations.

Please ensure your Cadet uniforms adhere to Cadet Command Regulation 145-2 for your photos to be published. The regulation has been updated as of AUG 2022. You can view the regulation on our Library page.

Please Send Us:

  • Who wrote the story (SAI, AI, Cadet PAO)
  • School Name
  • Brigade
  • Story Details:
    • Title
    • The Story – please provide as much detail as possible.
    • Photos:
      • Please send photos in high resolution (do not insert into MS Word)
      • Captions (who/what/when/where?)
      • Photo credit (who took the picture?)
    • Videos:
      • YouTube links are great and can be embedded on the website.
      • Video description (who/what/when/where?)
      • Video credit (who took the video?)

Please ensure your School District or JROTC unit has a release signed by the Cadet’s parents allowing you to publicize this story.