Menehune Battalion Army JROTC Keeps the Honor Unit with Distinction Title

Written by: c/CPT Clarenz Ringor

KAUAI, HAWAII – March 9th, 2023. With the advent of 2023, the Menehune Battalion started to prepare for the JROTC Program for Accreditation, with the last inspection of this magnitude happening in 2020. In 2020, the inspection was successful, earning the Honor Unit with Distinction (HUD) title. Many things happened in between this time, especially with the advent of COVID. However, the Menehune Battalion was ready for the inspection.

Many facets of our Battalion worked restless nights preparing for the inspection. This preparation paid off as we earned a 96.1% overall score, which allows for the Menehune Battalion to keep the HUD title for another three years. This score was made possible by our staff member working on our Battalion Continuous Improvement Plan (BCIP) to our Service Learning Project team presenting their Operation Banco project (SLP) and we also can’t forget our world-class color guard. Most importantly, our Cadets, from Platoon level leaders all the way to each squad member, put their all into this inspection.

The Menehune Battalion in formation during inspection. (Photo Credit: c/CPT Clarenz Ringor)