Marianas, Saipan Southern and Kagman High Schools participated in the 2023 American Red Cross Walkathon

Submitted by: C/SGT Sophia Shin Debengek
Photos by: C/CPT Erick Gaangin

The 34th Annual American Red Cross Walkathon was held on Saturday, April 22, 2023. The
walk was located in the Guma Sakman building in Susupe. The school battalions that
participated in this event were Marianas High School, Saipan Southern High School, and
Kagman High School. The American Red Cross Walkathon is held every year to help raise
money for the American Red Cross and its future missions here on the island.

“It was good, it was fun and tiring. Good seeing new faces and meeting new people.
Good interactions with the other schools. Very lively environment.”
-C/SGT Agoun Daniel

“It was very fun because I got to bond with the other Cadets and other companies and I
got to help the community a lot. I even got a lot of personal experience as I had to
speak with people such as sponsors which worked my social skills. We worked well as a
team with the other cadets and got stuff done amazingly. Although Sshs wasn’t that
much of a help they did alright as well. I’d love to do it again.”
-C/SFC Loma Justin

Before heading to the beach, Cadets met at school to get attendance and supplies. Cadets
showed up at the building at 3 in the morning and helped load our supplies in the van. Then we
took multiple trips to go to the event site. At the site, we put on our road guard vests and got
briefed on the different stations we will be working in.

“It was lively because I had fun and met new people. I also went to places I had never
been to. Cool experience and the new people are interesting. Also, everyone has tasks
so no one gets to rest while the others are doing something. Great teamwork.”
-C/CPL Fermo Aldred

We had multiple stations with different purposes. Station 1 cadets were tasked to block cars
from parking where the walkers would be walking. Station 2 was tasked with Military and first
responder vehicles. Station 3 was tasked to sponsor parking while stations 4,5, and 6 were
stations to block entrances and exits.

“It was amazing. Great experience. Good people. The OICs did amazing. They were
there every time we needed them. It was fun getting in the big fire trucks and saying hi
to the fire drivers.”
-C/PVT Pua Melia

“The walk will feature a 10k, 5k, and 2k course along the beach pathway. They gave out
T-shirts and refreshments and had games and a community fair. Cadets were provided breakfast
and lunch, including Subway Sandwiches, Iced coffee or Gatorade, and water.
“I got to meet a lot of new people and see a lot of new faces. I got to meet new people
from different schools. Love the food because it was subway sandwiches and iced
-C/SGT Xue Jack

After the walkathon finished at the beach, Cadets helped pack up everything into trailers to go
to the American Red Cross Chapter. At the Chapter, they help unload all the trailers into the
warehouse at the Chapter. When we finished, some of us went back to school while the rest
headed home.

2023 American Red Cross Walkathon
2023 American Red Cross Walkathon
2023 American Red Cross Walkathon
2023 American Red Cross Walkathon