Manua High School Army JROTC Cadet Challenge

Story by: 1SG (R) Kitzingen Moliga
Photos by: C/CPT Lambert Leota


On 22nd November 2023, Manu’a High School JROTC executed their internal Cadet Challenge on campus and at Ta’u village. The Segaula task force did not participate in the annual Cadet Challenge competition in Tutuila due to weather and transportation challenges. The task force decided to fulfill the requirements in accordance with CC Reg 145-2: U1C5L2.


The primary goal is to demonstrate the Cadets’ physical fitness level and leadership skills in leading their teams for each event, which is an introduction to the necessary behaviors required to achieve specific goals regarding physical fitness and dealing with decision-making.


The Segaula task force advertised their vision and mission models/missions, to equip themselves with tools to enhance their abilities to deal with 21st-century challenges academically and physically:

•1-mile run/Turkey Run in Ta’u village

•Shuttle Run



•Pull-Up/Flexed Arm Hang

•Air Rifle Competition(Competition between Teams)

Event Outputs:

The Cadet Challenge resulted safely with goals achieved and was supported by the community and government agencies such as the Police Dept, Medical Clinic, PTA, MHS Staff, and local Veterans. Cadets learned the importance of being fit since, it is a requirement in the US Army Senior program, and an opportunity to pass the CC Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) when applying for the ROTC scholarship.