Mallard Creek High School Army JROTC Conducts A Car Knowledge Class

Submitted by: C/SGT Bowen and C/CPT Nguy
Photo by: C/CPT Nguy and C/CPT Godoy

Recently LTC Mosteller led the Let 3’s and 4’s in a car knowledge class. LTC Mosteller guided the Cadets through checking tire pressure, checking oil levels, adding oil to a car, and gave instructions on how to change a tire and jump start a car. Those Cadets can take what they have just learned and use it when their car is having trouble. This is one of the many real-life lessons JROTC has to offer that can’t be found in another class in Mallard Creek. 

Let 3s and Let 4s being taught about cars with LTC Mosteller
Cadets practicing jump starting a car
LTC Mosteller and Cadets