Juarez Lincoln High School Army JROTC Varsity Ladies Powerlifting Team

Authored by: MSG (R) Gonzalo Melendez
Photos by: MSG (R) Gonzalo Melendez

Strength in numbers equals success, literally.  The Juarez Lincoln High School Varsity Ladies Powerlifting team recently qualified 5 members to compete in the Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association State Power Lifting meet to be held in Frisco, Texas on March 16th.  This is the largest group of female powerlifters to represent the school at the state level.  Not only do the lady powerlifters share a passion and commitment to the sport, but they are also all JROTC Cadets in the Husky Battalion.  In just their first year under Coach Gonzalo Melendez (who also serves as the JROTC Army Instructor), the Lady Powerlifters had a stellar season culminating with five members qualifying for the annual state competition.   Coach Melendez said, “The girls have overcome a lot of adversity to achieve this milestone and show lots of promise for next year”.  “They bring a lot of heart, discipline, and determination to the gym every day and that’s why they’ve made it this far”.  Husky Nation wishes the ladies all the best as they continue the quest for a state championship.