JROTC Junior Leadership and Academic Bowl (JLAB) National Championship 2023 Leadership Bowl Opening Ceremony

Story and Photos by: Army JROTC HQ Donna Hahn

JLAB is a 2-part event.  First is Leadership Bowl and second is Academic Bowl.  Both events run back-to-back starting June 18 and ending June 27, 2023. First event is the 2023 JROTC Leadership Bowl which consists of 40 Army JROTC Teams totaling 160 Army JROTC Cadets.

Army JROTC Leadership Bowl is from June 19 -21, 2023. Army JROTC held its opening ceremony for the Leadership Bowl 2023 in Washington, DC on June 18, 2023. The Leadership Bowl consists of the following activities:

  • Leadership Gauntlet (Cadets complete timed, sorted stations while answering JROTC Curriculum questions)
  • Leadership According to the Greats (Answering questions tied to Army Senior Leaders, General Marshall, General MacArthur & General Powell utilizing an audience response system).
  • Leadership Outside the Box (Answering scenario-based questions utilizing an audience response system).
  • Leader Knowledge Assessment (Individual Written assessment testing their JROTC Curriculum knowledge).
  • Leader Reaction Course (Cadets complete a collaborative experiential learning focused on building their leadership).

ROTC Cadets kick off the Army JROTC Leadership Bowl Opening Ceremony.
Guest Speaker ROTC Cadet Joel Moren gave the opening inspirational speech to the Army JROTC Cadets. Joel was a former JROTC Cadet and spoke to the JROTC Cadets how JROTC positively impacted his life. Cadet Moren previously won an Ohio University Scholarship.
Army JROTC Cadet Jake Witt was one of the 7 essay contest winners.  He read his essay at the opening ceremony.
Dr. Joe Cross, Army JROTC Chief of Education & Curriculum Division gave the introductions to the opening ceremony. 

JROTC Academic Bowl is from June 23-27, 2023.

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