The JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl

The JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl (JLAB) is an all-service national competition that culminates in the Level III JLAB Championship at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC!

To participate:
1. Must have at least a leadership or one academic team compete in JLAB level I.
2. Level I is available online until 20 NOV 2023. Please take Level I early. There will be no extensions.
3. Use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer or Safari.
4. All Team Members must be present. The Instructor is the proctor for the test.
5. The test, which takes approximately one hour, must be completed in one sitting and taken as a team.

Event Information:

When: June 16-25, 2024

JROTC Leadership Bowl is from June 19 -21, 2023 and consists of the following activities.

  • Leadership Gauntlet (Cadets complete timed, sorted stations while answering JROTC Curriculum questions)
  • Leadership According to the Greats (Answering questions tied to Army Senior Leaders, General Marshall, General MacArthur & General Powell utilizing an audience response system).
  • Leadership Outside the Box (Answering scenario-based questions utilizing an audience response system).
  • Leader Knowledge Assessment (Individual Written assessment testing their JROTC Curriculum knowledge).
  • Leader Reaction Course (Cadets complete a collaborative experiential learning focused on building their leadership).

JROTC Academic Bowl is from June 23-27, 2023.

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