Safety and Risk Management

Safety & Risk Management (.pdf) - includes two lists of confidence/obstacle course obstacles that are either approved or not approved for training.

FM 7-22 - Appendix E (.pdf) - Obstical Negotiations - for reference when reading Safety & Risk Management.

Rappel Tower Inspection Criteria

Rappel Tower Inspection Criteria (.pdf)

Heat and Stress Safety

Risk Assessment Worksheet (Short) (.doc)

Risk Assessment Worksheet (Long) (.doc)

JROTC Summer Safety Letter (.pdf)

JROTC Leaders' Heat Injury Prevention Program (.ppt)

Safety and Composite Risk Management Philosophy (.tif)

Heat Sticker (.pdf)

Heat Injury Controls (.pdf)

Heat Stress Card (.pdf)

Water Consumption in Heat (.pdf)

Other Safety Items

Suicide Prevention (.ppt)
Cold Weather Injury Prevention (.ppt)
DA Form 7566 Composite Risk Management (.pdf)

Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation:

Download the presentation from this link: Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation 2016 to view the slide show: Off-Duty Safety Awareness Presentation. This is the updated Off-Duty Safety Awareness campaign from the U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center. Request every JROTC Instructor review the materials and observe safety rules, procedures, and guidelines to ensure safety is a part of everything Instructors and Cadets participate in.