Institute of Heraldry

The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH) has a long and distinguished record of support to the United States Army. Its roots were firmly planted in 1919 when President Woodrow Wilson directed the creation of the Heraldic Program Office under the War Department General Staff. Its purpose was to take responsibility for the coordination and approval of coats of arms and other insignia for Army organizations.

The Institute of Heraldry is responsible for the design of ROTC shoulder loop insignia (SLI) (metal and enamel devices), shoulder sleeve insignia (SSI) and organizational flags.

Organizational Flags, Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI) and Shoulder Loop Insignia (SLI)

Instructions for Requests for Shoulder Sleeve Insignia (SSI) and Shoulder Loop Insignia (SLI) (also known as Unit Patch and Crests) as well as Flag and Guidons

Example JROTC Organizational Flag
Example JROTC Organizational Flag
Example JROTC Guidon
Example JROTC Guidon
Example Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Example Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
Example Shoulder Loop Insignia
Example Shoulder Loop Insignia

Step 1: To request the design of JROTC heraldic items (SSI, SLI and flag): submit a memorandum and an ROTC Request for Insignia form (available on TIOH website – through your Brigade to the JROTC Directorate for review and approval. The JROTC Directorate will submit your request for the design to TIOH.

Step 2: TIOH will contact the POC on the request form to confirm your information.

Step 3: Once the design is completed, TIOH will electronically transmit the authorized heraldic item designs and procedures on how to obtain flag, guidons and streamers along with a certified manufacturer list

Step 4: Schools then submit the request (DD1348-6) online at  to requisition a flag. Further steps are listed on the requisition document.

Note: Guidons are a standard design, schools submit a requisition online at .

Schools are responsible for SSI and SLI procurement using a TIOH Certified Manufacturer-list available at .

Costs: There is no charge for the design of an organizational flag, SSI and/or SLI. However, each school pays for the manufacture of the SSI and/or SLI with their JROTC budget. Schools can use Military Personnel Army (MPA) funds and donated funds, but schools cannot use Operations and Maintenance Army (OMA) funds. Additionally, there is no charge to replace guidons and an organizational flag with wear and tear every 5 years.

Click to view the JROTC TIOH Information Packet

Click to view the JROTC Logistics Course Heraldry Overview Briefing.


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Strategic Planner
U.S. Army Cadet Command, JROTC

Karen Wilson
The Institute of Heraldry (TIOH)

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