Howard High School Army JROTC Raiders First Competition

Story by: C/2LT Awad, Moura and C/SGT Rajesh, Johanna
Photos by:  C/SGT Rajesh, Johanna and C/SGT Biak, Tial

Howard Raiders Competition 23-24

The Howard High School Army JROTC Lions Battalion from 4th Brigade held their first home-based Raider competition. Other high schools were Alexandria City, Atholton, Century, Mount Pleasant, South Lake, and West Potomac. The teams competed through many different courses such as the 5k, Rope bridge, Litter carry, Humvee Pull, as well as the PTT (Physical Training Time.)

The Howard High School Lions Battalion JROTC went through weeks of training. Every day after school raider members would get ready together and prepare to be pushed to their limits. Each raider put their all into training, being full of motivation to compete. It was very evident of the amount of work and training each raider team put through their performance and dedication during the competition. Through all the hard work and training, the Howard male team swept the male category, placing first overall, and the Howard mixed team placed third overall. The male raider team excelled in each event, placing first place in 3 different events; the Humvee event was completed in (31:70 seconds), The Litter Carry was within (2:46 minutes), and finally, the rope bridge was completed in (2:57 minutes). The Raiders male team placed 2nd place in the 5k Run (28:15 minutes) and the PTT (7:58 minutes).

Along with physical training, teamwork was utilized during the event. The HOHS Lions Battalion male team along with other participating teams presented excellent teamwork skills through the team’s bond, communication, trust, and encouragement. Throughout all of the events, the mixed team gave it their all, never faltering amidst the rainy and dull weather. All teams demonstrated the ability to motivate others and showed true perseverance representing the key to success in JROTC, teamwork.

During this raiders meet the lion’s battalion raider teams all presented outstanding amounts of teamwork, perseverance, and determination; during the competition and training. All Raiders teams were successful during this competition due to their teamwork and perseverance.