Howard High School Army JROTC Raider Challenge National Competition

Story by: C/2LT Bhumula, Chaitra and C/2LT Awad, Moura
Photos by: C/SGT Biak, Tial

Raiders Nationals Competition 23-24

The Howard High School Army JROTC Lions Battalion from 4th Brigade recently attended their third Raiders competition in Kentucky at the military installation, Fort Knox. They were joined by over 250 other high schools. The event featured a series of challenging courses that boosted participants’ physical and mental strength, such as the 5K, Gauntlet, rope bridge, cross-country rescue, and Physical Timed Test. In the Male Division, the Cadets achieved 27 points for PTT, 17 for 5-K, 27 for the Gauntlet, 23 for CRR, and 15 for the rope bridge.

The spirit of teamwork by all the participating teams was a very prominent aspect of the competition. They not only excelled individually but also demonstrated the ability to motivate and support their teammates throughout the grueling challenges. The Howard raiders were exposed to new experiences and challenges including the twelve-foot and eight-foot wall. “The twelfth foot and eight-foot wall course was a challenge that the Howard raider hadn’t practiced before, but after conducting it, we enjoyed the experience and worked through it as a team.“ – C/ Zadora. Another Cadet, C/ Cherenkov, stated, “With all the obstacles, we were able to push ourselves to our limits and exhibit strength. I appreciate the rigorous training that Colonel put us through since it allowed us to cooperate and progress throughout the competition and its preparation.”

The Raiders competition was a testament to the spirit of hard work, determination, and teamwork that defines the JROTC program. It not only showcased the skills of these young Cadets but also the values they embody, which will undoubtedly serve them well in their future competitions and other endeavors.