Howard High School Army JROTC Participate in the Bataan Death March Hosted by the Maryland Army National Guard

Authored by: C/2LT Bhumula, Chaitra and C/MSG Nguyen, Vivien
Photos by: C/SGT Tail, Biak

On Saturday, April 13th, 2024, the Howard Lions Battalion Cadets had the honor of participating in the Bataan death march hosted by the Maryland Army National Guard. In this, they partook in various activities including two seven-mile loops, running through the woods, and other challenging events where every Cadet was able to complete the march. For grouping, two fire teams were placed. Fire Team One was placed second overall in the fire team division: Gerbrick, Kuliev, Corona, Gong. Fire Team Two was placed third overall in the fire team division: Nguyen Viv, Nguyen Vin, Yoo Jen, and Lee Jon. Fire teams completed the march and had to run with a 15 lbs pack for 14 miles. Everyone who participated and completed all received a certificate and a ribbon for completing the Bataan Death March. The Cadets found this experience challenging but very worthwhile.

“The March had lots of beautiful scenery that was interesting to look at. There was a ton of mud which resulted in Cadets getting dirty, adding to the fun. Overall I enjoyed it and would go again.”

C/PVC Zadora-Smierciak, Eleanor

“Everyone was determined and motivated to finish the march, even when we were running through mud and thorns.”

C/MSG Nguyen-Barrake, Vivien