Houghton High School and Trotwood Madison High School Army JROTC Kettering University Aerial Drone Competition

Story and Photos by: COL (R) Dylan Carlson and LTC (R) Odell Graves

Army JROTC Cadets from Houghton High School (3rd BDE) and Trotwood Madison High School (7th BDE) competed in the Kettering University Aerial Drone Competition in Flint, MI on 27 JAN. The “Superior Quads” from Houghton were partnered with “RamNation” from Trotwood Madison in the tournament Quarter Finals. The teams advanced through the semi-finals to the championship match.  In the final match, the teams defeated another alliance by a score of 112-97. In winning the tournament, the Cadets from these two schools defeated 21 other teams. The victory qualified both teams to compete in the 2024 North Central Aerial Drone Championship Ingenuity tournament. This competition will be held at Kettering University on 17-18 MAY 2024. Qualifying teams from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Wisconsin, and South Dakota will compete in this event. Additionally, the Trotwood Madison team also won the Excellence Award for their journal, interview skills, and overall team performance.