Hopewell High School Army JROTC Attend Girls and Boys State

Story by: C/CPT Jacob Lopiano and C/MAJ Lilian Hoblet 
Photos by:  C/2LT Connor Bond 

Select Cadets from the Hopewell High School Army JROTC participated in Boys State at Catawba University and Girls State at Campbell University this past summer. Over the span of the week-long course, they learned valuable lessons and built meaningful relationships with peers from across NC. During the program, they simulated a real government system, with Cadets being voted into multiple positions of responsibility and managing their respective cities. The Cadets learned the importance of public speaking and working together to solve problems and achieve goals. Both Girls and Boys State featured multiple guest speakers who were leaders in their respective careers, encouraging attendees to continue pursuing excellence. Our C/CPT Jackson, voted Superintendent of NC Boys State, claims, “Boys State taught me the importance of leadership and self-confidence.” We are so proud of our Cadets and their great achievement of being accepted to this program.