Hopewell High Army JROTC Cadet c/CPT Schaefer wins the State Enhanced Cadet Contest

Written by: c/CPT Daniel Andom

HUNTERSVILLE, NC — On Saturday, April 1, cadet Bayley Schaefer of Hopewell High school won the Enhanced JROTC cadet scholarship contest for the state of North Carolina. The qualifications for this scholarship are that the cadet must be at the top 10% of their JROTC class and the top 25% academically in their respective high school. As a result of winning the state contest, c/CPT Schaefer was awarded a state medallion and two scholarships (one from the Mecklenburg Chapter and the other from NC), which collectively makes $1,050 in check. Winning the contest will also allow the cadet to advance to the National competition where the reward is a $10,000 check. “This opportunity is something any cadet should strive for. I highly recommend any rising juniors to start looking into the application process now to get better preparation for the contest.”  -c/CPT Schaefer.

Top photo caption: c/CPT Schaefer receiving the State medallion (Photo credit: c/CPT Marrelli)

c/CPT Schaefer giving a speech during the luncheon (Photo credit: c/CPT Marrelli)
Qualifications for the Enhanced JROTC Cadet Contest  (Photo credit: c/CPT Marrelli)