Holiday Party for Mililani High School Special Needs

Story by Cadet Captain Maria Kamphaus, 1SG (ret) Marlon Rice, and LTC (ret) Tim Schiller

The Mililani Army JROTC hosted its annual holiday party for 49 special needs students on 14 December 2022. This year was a very special holiday celebration since it was the first since the pandemic. Army JROTC cadets conducted fundraising activities to raise the funds necessary to support these very special children. The Mililani Army Trojan Battalion, under the vision of battalion commander C/LTC Marley Chung, C/CSM Thomas Bell, and C/MAJ Margaret Juettner, the Trojan Senior Service Learning Coordinator (SSLC) planned the event with fun activities such as Zingo, writing letters to Santa, handcraft activities, and so much more. “Our Special Needs students always look forward to this annual event, they are part of our family, and we love every one of them, giving them joy and just having fun, and hanging out with them, brings such happiness to them and to us,” said C/MAJ Maria Kamphaus, S-5, Public Affairs Officer. “Being a part of this battalion, and doing so many specialize service projects makes us really busy, but planning this and then watching the plan come in to action, wow, it is really amazing and very rewarding,” said C/CPT Makayla Miller, Service Learning Coordinator Assistant.” 

Pictures courtesy LTC Schiller

Holiday Party for Mililani High School Special Needs

Published - FRAGO 2 to USACC OPORD 24-02-008 JROTC National Raider Challenge 071600(EST)JUN24