Future Instructors: Continuing Education

JROTC Instructor Training has been completely redeveloped to meet the dynamic needs of instructors to mentor, lead, and teach our high school youth of today. They are powerful and concentrated courses designed to provide and equip instructors with the best knowledge and tools for classroom instruction and program administration. This complete training consists of a four-step process:

Step I – Initial Qualification Course:

  • Newly developed, interactive training on the JROTC Website.
  • Tied to the instructor certification process.
  • Must complete training prior to a certification interview.
  • Must be completed before full instructor certification is granted
  • Applicant has 30 days to complete from date mailed or completed on the JROTC Website.
  • Completion certificate generated after an evaluation process.

Step II – JROTC Distance Learning Course (JROTC DLC):

  • Must also be completed prior to instructor final certification.
  • Must be completed prior to attending the Resident Certification Course.
  • Applicant has six months to complete from date of enrollment.
  • Completion certificate generated by the system at the completion of the DLC.

Step III – Resident Certification Course:

  • Resident training conducted at Fort Knox, KY.
  • Must be completed within 18 months of hire as an Instructor.
  • Failure to complete required training will result in termination of interim certification.
  • Completion certificate issued by JROTC Directorate, Cadet Command.

Step IV – Resident Recertification Course:

  • Seminar and scenario driven Program of Instruction (POI).
  • Mandatory for instructors every 5 years for continued certification.
  • A six month probation letter issued for refusal to attend this course.
  • Decertification for failure to attend this course within the 6 month probationary period.
  • Completion certificate issued by JROTC Directorate, Cadet Command.

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