Featured Video: The Emmett J Conrad High School Army JROTC Veteran’s Day Tribute Video

Submitted by: CSM (Ret.) Leon Johnson

November 11th marks a special day in our country but also at Emmett J Conrad High School. It is the day we join millions around the country to honor the men and women who have served in our proud military. We are grateful for all their sacrifices, and we are honored to know that there are few individuals who were willing to give their all for our liberties and freedoms.

Veterans Day is not just another day at our school but a day to celebrate the bravest among us. The Cadets listed below planned, organized, and created a quick video that paid tribute to all our veterans throughout history. They also paid respect by wearing their periodic uniforms.

The following Cadets were responsible for the planning and execution of this Veteran’s Day Tribute Video: Cadet SGT Maricela Avila (WW 1-2) Cadet CSM Aldo Padilla (Vietnam Conflict), Cadet Melissa Caballero (Operation Just Cause) Cadet CSM Karah Johnson (Operation Desert Shield/Storm) Cadet SGT Victor Diaz (Operation Iraqi Freedom), Cadet SGT Oscar Chavez (Operation Enduring Freedom) Cadet 1LT Barbosa (Global War on Terrorism).

The goal of this project was to recognize those who have served, and those who lost their lives in the line of duty — giving students a chance to pay their respects and honor all veterans.

We want to thank all veterans past, present and future, for their sacrifices and commitment to this country. We thank you for your service and showing our students what it means to have patriotism and the willingness to sacrifice your personal freedoms and liberties for all.

You can watch the video below: